Create your profile in RaceFacer

at Raftaar

Dear customer,

You are about to sign in, create a public profile on the social platform and use the services at Raftaar.

For this purpose, we need minimal personal information that includes:

Name and surname
Date of birth
Phone Number

The provision of other personal information is entirely at your discretion. If you wish, you can supplement your account with the extra personal data by filling the not mandatory fields.

This information is needed to:

  • Create a personal profile on the social platform
  • Participation in rankings by age group and kilograms
  • Accumulate kilometers / laps / points to get discounts
  • Storing personal results
  • Accumulation of ranking points
  • Identify user as account owner (photo of him/her)
  • Picture preview on track monitors, results, rankings, sharing on social networks
  • Declaration of agreement and knowledge of the rules of the karting track you are at.
  • Sales analysis

You can use the services of our karting track without registration procedure. To do so, you must fill in your details on a declaration of agreement and get to know the rules of the track. The same procedure should be repeated every time you come on any track that is on the RaceFacer platform.

By creating a profile you agree to receive a confirmation email for the registration.

The team at Raftaar and RaceFacer will be grateful if you agree that we can use the information you provided us for the purposes described above.

Your agreement has the following expiration dates:

  • If you do not visit Raftaar for 120 months from the date of registration
  • While you have a profile on enabled.

At any time, you can change your RaceFacer account settings and withdraw your consent in whole or in part, and send an email to Raftaar at with a request to withdraw your consent.

If you later withdraw your consent, RaceFacer and Raftaar will not delete your profile, but will only stop using your data for the purposes described above. Please note that the withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of the processing performed before the withdrawal. Access to your name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth will be possible only from the GDPR Administrators (or Data Privacy Administrators) of Raftaar and FaceRacer Ltd., until the 120 months period since your last visit on track in the platform. The purpose of the retention is access to the date of acceptance of the general conditions on the track and protection against claims (10-year limitation period for claims for personal injury).

Our Personal Data Protection Team is at your disposal if you have any questions and need assistance.

  • Get to know "Terms and Conditions" on
  • Get to know the "Privacy Policy" that provides more detailed information about the platform as a personal data administrator, your rights, the purpose of processing your personal information, using them, and so on.

RaceFacer takes care of the security of your information!